Jumat, 19 Maret 2010

Today Sucks

As you may be aware the Bruins hosted the Penguins last night. The Bruins got shutout in the big revenge (and bigger playoff implication) game and Cooke walked out of the arena with only a scratch.

Sucks for Marc Savard who is still in such bad shape that he can't even watch TV. This poor guy has no idea that the White Collar season finale was terrible. In a month he'll be able to sit down and watch an hour show without headaches, load up the DVR and be totally disappointed like the rest of us. At least the writers let Bizarro Jerry shoot that crooked FBI agent. But mostly it sucked.

Sucks for the Bruins that not only is their #1 center and playmaker on the shelf for what could be a very long time but they had all this revenge attention on a game that they needed to get points to stay in the playoff conversation. Instead of getting fired up to face the defending champs at home they were answering questions about how they would handle Matt Cooke. Matt Cooke should should never be on anyone's mind, ever.

Sucks that Cooke answered the bell wearing a visor. Even when he tries to do the right thing he's a douche.

Sucks for James Wisniewski who got 8 games for a ridiculous hit the other night. He totally deserves to sit for running a defenseless Brent Seabrook but I think he got 5extra games that Cooke should have been handed.

Sucks that the NHL can't get their shit together as far as protecting its players.

Sucks that I don't understand how or when an attempt to injure infraction can be used.

Sucks that NHL refs don't either.

Sucks that guys like Mike Rupp or Billy Black have to answer for dirtbag teammates like Matt Cooke. I remember watching a teammate kick a guy with a skate when he was on the ground. A few of us on the bench looked at each other in disbelief. It would be us to had to answer for one lunatic teammate who got tossed from the game. Another time our captain went out a speared a kid after the final buzzer. He graduated and the next year it would be the remaining guys who had to get ready for the retaliation. I've never backed away from the physical aspect of our game but it sucks when you have to get involved for ridiculous reasons and it makes it seem like you cosign one idiot's actions. You really want the other squad to know 2 things: 1) the kid is a retard and it was a dirty play but 2) if you try to retaliate I will eat your face. That position sucks.

Sucks when you go out for a beer and some drunk Australian crowbars his way into your conversation and you can't get rid of the guy. And of course he is completely alone at the bar so it's not like you can tell him to go back to his buddies. And of course you are trying to be polite but he is getting belligerent and you might have to slap around some drunk guy just to get him to butt out of your conversation. And of course all you are talking about is the Frasier where Daphne goes to the fat farm or how you'll listen to any song covered by Sixpence None The Richer but this guy just wont leave you alone. Why is the guy drinking alone? Can't he go somewhere else?

Sucks for Marquette and ND.

Sucks ever worse for Georgetown.

Today sucks.

Tonight will be great. Have an awesome weekend.

- Nemmy

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