Senin, 01 Maret 2010

Olympic weekend recap or Hearbreaking

Two weeks of excellent skill, high energy games, and just pure awesomeness is over. Both medal games were terrific - featuring comebacks and passion and everything we love about hockey.

The see-saw bronze medal game had the Slovaks storming out in the second period to take a 2 goal lead to the final frame. However, in the third, Olli Jokinen showed up scored 2 goals in like twelve seconds to ultimately win the game for the Finns. His second goal was a breakway that he put five-hole. The pass to spring him on said breakaway was superb.

And last night's gold medal game. Are there words to describe it? Probably not. It was spectacular, emotional, furiously paced, everything you ever wanted to see in a hockey game and then we got overtime. Unfortunately, for us US fans, of course Sidney Crosby scored the game winner. Of course he did. When Parise put in the that rebound with 24 seconds left, the bar erupted and the tension of the US fans was lifted. We all thought we had it. But we didn't. I can't stop thinking about that game - I'm still so sad. I won't get all simmons and levels of losing, but I really thought the US was going win it. Maybe that was foolish. Heartbreaking is the best way to describe that game, but what a showing from our boys. No one (myself including) thought they would even get to gold medal game.

It was an awesome 2 weeks of hockey.


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