Rabu, 04 November 2009

What you missed last night while you were voting in any of the governor or mayor elections around the country

Lightning beat the Maple Leafs in OT, 2-1: Phil Kessel, whatever. He was impressive last night because he took a lot of shots? Alright Toronto media, I guess this is the honeymoon period. The vegas line for games until the Toronto media rips him for not scoring is 4.5. I'm taking the under. "The Monster" - I don't even care about remembering the Maple Leafs goalie's name - had a good game. The one goal he gave up was the result of 2 mistakes: First, he played the puck right to Matias Ohlund. Ohlund then ripped a low hard shot on net, that rebounded perfectly to Vinny Lecavalier. Whoever was doing color commented that Euro goalies have trouble playing the puck in smaller NHL rinks, but also, rebound angles are different as well. With Vinny's slow start, I'm surprised he hasn't fought more.

Thrashers beat the Canadiens, 5-4: If I was clever, this entire recap would be in French. I don't understand, was this game not broadcast in English anywhere? I think the next time this happens, I'm going to open a nice bottle of red and really explore the French space. This also makes me realize how important the play-by-play guy is.

Canucks win over the Rangers, 4-1
: The line of Mason Raymond-Ryan Kesler-Rick Rypien might be the fast in the NHL. Also they need a nickname. I'm going with "The Law Firm." Think about it: "Raymond-Kesler-Rypien and Associates will represent you!" I'm sold.

Red Wings shut-out the Bruins, 2-0
: Was this shut-out a result of a) Osgood turning the corner or b) the piss-poor Bruins offense? I'm going to say B with a little A sprinkled in. Osgood made some good saves and even 1 or 2 great ones, but the Bruins miss Sarvard and no one else is really stepping up consistently for their scoring.

Penguins beat the Ducks, 4-3
: I think the Ducks have to make a decision with their goaltending. Pick a starter already and trade the other one. Nashville, Toronto, Florida (maybe), and Detroit (eventually) are probably looking for tenders.

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