Kamis, 19 November 2009

What you missed last night because you were napping before your 11:30 mens league game

I'm having a potato & egg sandwich the size of Robert Lang's head right now.

Florida over Buffalo 6-2
I think Ryan Miller is a beast but last night it looked like he was melting alive. He made a bonehead move that lead to Weiss's goal and then Buffalo hung him out for the next few. He's the man and maybe he holds the key to the US medalling this winter but because he had a bad night I'm going to put that sissy looking shot of him focusing pre-game.


Dallas over Detroit 3-1
How many fantasy owners had Jimmy Howard and Alex Auld starting? Zetterberg's goal was nice with Hank flying down the right side with one hand on his stick using his left to shield the puck then a sick roof. Brad May continues to beat Dallas Drake at his own game and fought Krys Barch and got a goal taken away in the 3rd. Cue up another round of whistle/non-whistle/intent to whistle debate.

Phoenix over Minnesota 3-2
I couldn't pay attention to these highlights because I was amazed how jam packed the Xcel Energy center was for a game against the Coyotes. Impressive.

Edmonton over Colorado 6-2
I thought Colorado got back to winning ways last night but then they go into Edmonton and get smoked in a sloppy affair. Hemsky with one of the tougher empty net goals of recent memory.

Philly over LA 3-2
I read somewhere that ARod has a painting of himself as a centaur in his apartment. Today I see the NY Post with Jeter and his RIDICULOUS girlfriend in St. Barts. The Phillies own the Mets and the Flyers can't lose even with Boucher in net. Everything sucks right now. I would give up a finger to have Utley or Richards on my teams.

- Nemmy

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