Sabtu, 21 November 2009

Sex on a Saturday

So I was typing in the fantasy search bar for Mike Smith so I began to type Smith and it auto filled in Tyson Sexsmith. Am I really looking for Tyson Sexsmith computer? Who the hell is Tyson sexsmith? What the hell is going on?

A goalie for the Worcester Sharks of the AHL. Why is he in the fantasy database if he's never played an NHL game? Help me help you guys over there.

While I was down in L's cove down here in Massapequa Park I discovered some old bad-ass at the heart of it all pics of the 2man crew.

Nemy with a bad ass spray on Bartemis our direcTOR.
Sancho Barbonite in his most bad-ass form taking a draw, in a sic old school pen's jerz with Abe Lincoln Artemis in the background ready to pounce like Chahhhhhhllleeey .... Notice the cool make upped scar on my eye brow The All-time classic 2man beating around Nemy with beautiful blond highlights. And a pic of Gio the Cardinal during War-times.

- Barbacoa

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