Rabu, 18 November 2009

What you missed last night because you were leaving for BA

Bress sent an email last night that he was "leaving for BA". I have no idea what that means but Scotty and I have the keys to the blog for a few days. We don't blame you if you stop reading until after Thanksgiving.

Ottawa over TO 3-2
These two teams beat the hell out of each other. Chris Neil was a wrecking ball as usual. Luke Schenn gets respect for stepping up to try to stop Neil from running over the entire city. Mike Fisher had the first goal, the last goal and got to stare at his star girlfriend's bleached cornhole all night. Watch Colton Orr dominate Matt Carkner in this clip.

Montreal over Carolina 3-2 in a shootout
Brandon Sutter gets the game puck. I need to find the highlight of him giving the outlet pass to Whitney then going hard to the net with his stick down. This is why the 2Man needs a highlight show. Scotty and I would spend 22 minutes replaying this goal and going off. Eventually we would tire ourselves out and get McDonald's. Maybe it's best that we don't have a highlight show.
Maxim Lapierre went bar and in to win the shootout. Matt Cullen shook Carey Price out of his skates at the end but couldn't bury it.

Nashville beat San Jose 4-3
I watched garbage highlights of this game on the Nashville website. The only thing of note is when Jumbo scored to make it 4-2 Nashville he didn't celebrate at all. Thornton isn't a fiery guy by any measure but come on. If Jumbo rips a shot and grabs his teammates maybe he riles his squad up and jolts them back in the game. Maybe?

Colorado over Calgary 3-2
Colorado needed to right the ship and they went into Calgary and crashed and banged for a win. Anytime Cody Mac scores if needs to be mentioned - he runs shit. I'm trying to find highlights of Iginla's goal but here it is: Iginla gets room because he's a beast, finds an open space, gets a pass and one-times a rocket for his 12th of the year. It's the same goal you've seen from Hull, Shanny, Neely, Kovy, Ovechkin you name it. Can't play those guys tight because you'll get bullied, can't give them space because they rip from anywhere. Pure power.

Rene Bourque had a shorty and 9 PIM for a nice little fantasy night.

Washington over NYR 4-2
My buddy Brian got me a ticket to this game last minute so he gets a special mention here. Gabby was great. Ovy had his signature PP goal. Thornton needs to do 5% of Ovy's post-goal celebration to make a bigger impact on San Jose. The Sharks are running shit and Jumbo is having a strong start but a little fire can carry that team farther into the playoffs. I dunno. After Ovy scored he did his thing and eventually went down the bench hifiving his teammates. Brian, who coaches a mite house team, was surprised that Ovy celebrates the way his kids do. Matt Bradley got cut open by 2Man favorite, Aaron Voros and scored the GWG - Strong. What isn't strong was the riceball that I ate at some shit Sbarro on 7th avenue. Green with 2 PP assists and Gabby with 2 tallies with one on the PP. Strength.

- Nemmy

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