Senin, 02 November 2009

Weekend Wrap Up OR The Gov't is trying to change Halloween to just be the last Saturday of Oct. - I can support that

Hands down, the best goal of the weekend was this:

I even "tweeted" about it.

Anyway, that was on Sunday. Lets take a seat in the ol time travel machine to Friday. I was at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Show at MSG. Sick. Also, luckily the beer line I would visit in between sets happened to have the Islander game on in the background. I caught this save.

I like those saves. Mr. W would is freaking out right now. He hates saves. I wonder if he would even hate this one:

I love how Emery gets to the rebound with a quick kick save.

That was from Saturday. Saturday also had some fun fights. Crosby fought Zidlicky. Crosby obviously learned how to fight from the Mighty Ducks movies. Look how quickly he pulls the jersey.

Also on Saturday, Shane Doan got wrecked

and then fought the guy who did the wrecking (Wisniewski)

Also on Saturday night, Jeff Tambellini NHL hat-trick. His third was such a snake job.

I know I would do the same to get the trick!

What did I miss?


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