Senin, 16 November 2009

Weekend Wrap Up OR Do kids these days know what a trapper-keeper is?

I've been MIA on this and some recaps the past few weeks. Truth is, I'm actually getting crushed at work. I never experienced that before, so give me some time to recalibrate. Also, I'm going on my first non-hockey-related since 2004 tomorrow, so the recalibration won't actually start until after Thanksgiving.

Onto the games...

Tavares' first goal Friday night is sneakier more impressive than you'd like admit.

Its the veteran savvy to wait for the puck to come down below the crossbar and then the sweet hand-eye coordination to actually pull it off.

And then there was this move:

Ok, its not a move, but impressive that Nash composed himself to finish. And the reverse motorcycle kick might have stunned Giguere.

So maybe Giggy was embarrassed, but not as much as Luke Schenn was here:

So, that was all on Friday.

Saturday, had the game of the weekend - Bruins v Penguins

Crosby going to the net opens up the passing lane and Guerin beats Thomas.

2 players had hat-tricks Saturday night - Zetterberg and Sedin (I don't know which one). None of the 6 goals were really "highlight worthy"

There were a few games yesterday - the best goal came from Maxim.

Its a great pass and a tough finish.

So, what'd I miss?


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