Senin, 03 Agustus 2009

Weekend In Review

Scotty's parent's live out on LI and have a heated pool. Since his folks were away Scotty and I got a few 18 racks and looked to go swimming on Friday night in the country. It rained all night so we settled for beer pingus and some chicken rolls.

We paired up against his two local pals and we were getting smoked early on. It was just like Tiger's front 9 at the Buick. After we shake off the cobwebs from some train beers and some other spooky stuff we come roaring back. It was just like Tiger's weekend at the Buick. John Senden melted from the lava and Scotty and I rattled off 2 in a row (after losing the first 6!) by 5 cups lengths. By this time we were both unconscious and speaking in a language that twins teach each other. The other side gets winded and decides to bag it. Scott showed why he had the home court advantage and took over. Matt Bettencourt and YE Yang can't bang with Tiger at his tourney.

Anyways the point of my story is that in the same basement as the pingus table Scotty has a tiled room with two floor hockey nets. See, Scotty has a little brother who is just growing pubes so he's got an assortment of sticks and pucks and fun. To walk from the stairs to the table you have to pass the area where he keeps the nets up. Let me tell you this: It is impossible to walk by that area without firing some pucks down range. I spent the better part of the night playing floor hockey and imagining that I'm Scott Neidermayer sneaking in from the point for a one-timer. So much fun.

We followed up with a men's league win last night with a borrowed goalie. All good things.

Who gets moved first: Kessel or Heatley?

When is the last time you saw a caterpillar?

- Nemmy

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