Senin, 03 Agustus 2009

Weekend spillover

You know how in some video games, as you progress throughout the game, you can unlock in MLB you can unlock the Polo Grounds and an Old Athletic's jersey as you complete tasks like hitting 1.000 with a player in a game or getting two homers or pitching a shutout. I will unlock some things for you 2man readers that occurred this weekend.

Nemy left my house around 11am and headed back to NYC to take care of some passport related things and than proceeded to the East Village Tavern where my girlfriend Amber has been working a few shifts a week for some extra cash. He sat down and had one Dogfish Ale. I believe it is the Dogfish but if it isn't, it is the same composition and color but the one he was drinking is almost 15% alcohol by volume so 18,000. One dogfish turned into almost 10 Amber said. WOW! By the way if I'm not with you, don't ever have that many Dogs...just not street smart. Massive unruly bowl movements at the bar turned into explosive vomit and a few phone calls that really communicated 10 Dog imbibement to me over the phone. He was calling me and I was having a peaceful dinner with my mom and brother.

The song is great but the reason it's here is 4minutes to Note the reference. Emilio? Take that D! You know what he really means.

Than I received a phone call not but a few hours later from Camille. He was out shotgunning beers down in Philly with Riley Cote and Jeff the assailiant Carter. Imagine drinking with scary freaky Riley Cote? Jeff Carter, yes...a peaceful but uplifiting partier as I've seen him in his party environment. Cote? I hope Matty is ok. The last message I got from him was that he just shotgunned a beer with Cote. Great little unlocking stories for you.

Turn me on...turn me on!

- Ak 27

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