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Randy McKay was drafted by the Wings in the 6th Round - 113th overall - in 1985. Not the greatest collection of NHL talent but the '85 draft did provide some memorable names: Wendel Clark #1 overall, Joe Nieuwendyk #27, Benoit Hogue (whom Scotty fought in a men's league game) #35, and a strong list of tough guys including Stu Grimson, Kelly Buchberger, Dave Manson, Ken Baumgartner, Shane Churla, and Jamie Huscroft. The Islanders selected Brad Dalgarno and Derek King with the #6 and #13 picks, respectively. Mister irrelevant ended up being relevant: Paul Maurice, head coach of the Canes.

He played his AAA years with Lac St. Louis, a club that I still have nightmares about playing against.

Randy won 2 Cups with New Jersey in 1995 and 2000. Randy liked to sport the handlebar mustache and chops in lieu of a full blown playoff beard.

Played RW on the Devils "Crash Line" with Mike Peluso and Bobby Holik. Can we get back to naming lines again? Remember the "Grumpy Old Men" line for Dallas?

He was a grinding, physical bear of a player. He was really strong on his feet and hit and fought anyone. Some of the best Rangers/Devils battles were sprinkled with McKay scrapping with blueshirts. He fought in a dirty boxing style with lots of clutching and grabbing and took shots to get in close.

In 91-92 McKay had 29 fighting majors. 29 fighting majors! All while playing a regular shift and potting 17 goals with 16 assists. The guys he fought that season read like a who's who of 90's tough guys. Here are some select names: Mike Peluso, Link Gaetz, Gino Odjick, Louie DeBrusk, Ken Baumgartner, Mick Vukota, Marty McSoreley, Enrico Ciccone, and Ronnie Stern.

When he spoke it sounded like listening to some pretty boy with an Eddie Vedder starter kit trying to sound "affected". But Randy's raspy, Cobra Commander-like voice came from getting hit in the throat during play. I recall him revealing that during a TV interview when I was a kid and can't reference that so don't hold me to it.

Scotty Gomez referred to him as "Smacky" when he mentioned McKay as one of the Devils that had the biggest influence on his career. It was right after he told us that Jay Pandolfo is in such good shape that he could probably climb right up the side of the general post office on 34th street.

He was traded to Dallas in 2001-02 with Jason Arnott and a pick or something for Joe Nieuwendyk and Jamie Langenbrunner.

He retired after the 2002-03 season as Montreal Canadian, the team he grew up idolizing.

Randy McKay - gritty, badass, 1000%.

- Nemmy

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