Selasa, 25 Agustus 2009

Welcome Back Otter

In case you all were wondering where I've been, well look at the above photo and make your own assumptions. Thank you Nemy for handling what little readers we have with some solid consistency on the posts. As I write this I am listening to Quick Man from Mega man 2...excellent song...not quite as good as Bubble Mans level but of equal power. Here's the link if you feel you must stay on par with me while reading the remainder of post. You may have to loop it a few times but go shame in that.

So I was on a cruise that left out of Brooklyn headed down to Bermuda with no flying required to Miami or anything which was great. As we left, my buddy Green and I were at the back of the ship enjoying a margarita when two young hockey boys from the city/queens recognized me as Scotty from the 2man. Good things. So I was at least C level celeb on the boat. I was upgraded to B level status when the drink guy saw my last name on the chit and asked in front of Amber if I was related to Ryan Zimmerman, the 3B for the Washington Nationals. I blushed in weirdness and than Amber said, "He's a little shy but yes we like to keep a low profile!" Upgrade!

My quam today is not with Raymond Kalleetra - the bad guy from Gone in 50 Seconds but with Jim Balsillie. Co-Ceo of Rimm (BlackBerry), co-owner of the Predators and 1000 in Canada. Billionaire...does triathalons and is a soccer mom and stuff. Dude...seriously...stop questioning Melnyk's sound like a joke. You got got a hockey got a major tech got it all...go home and stop. Go home or I will make you next time the 2man runs through the north.

- Scotty's back

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