Jumat, 21 Agustus 2009

Friday - We've (Barely) Made It

So ESPN is reporting that Dany Heatley will hold a press conference today to speak out on his "situation" with the Senators. His "situation" is that he has requested a trade after one year of his 6-year extension with Ottawa. The Senators are having trouble trading him (Heatley is owed $7.5MM next season!) and he shitcanned a deal with the Oilers who were a willing trade partner. Word on the street is that he is upset with the new head coach. wah wah

I have a hard time sympathizing with a player who comes out to the media with reports that he wants to get traded. That makes the player look like a total baby and usually napalms the team's chances of getting good value in return. Not sure what his press conference will be about but I'm interested in hearing his side of the story.

Here's a clip to get the bad Heatley taste out of your mouth. Nothing says 2PM train down to the Jersey Shore like Pete Sidorkiewicz. Enjoy the weekend.

"The calm before the storm, baby"

- Nemmy

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