Senin, 17 Agustus 2009

We're Back

Sorry for disappearing. The last few weeks have been tough for the greater 2man family. Long story and one that I can't really explore in the blog space. Just know that we're back to posting and hanging tough through the NYC humidity.

I just read that Vinny Prospal signed with the Rangers, the same team that brought Mark Messier back to be a "special assistant". That's it, that's your news. Fantastic.

Does anyone want to send us updates from the Olympic training camps? Does anyone want to wager on who the first Olympic training camp injury will be? I'll take Marty, there's no way that guy is in any shape right now. Does anyone want to comment on the fact that I went 5/5 last week with roast beef/melted mozz and brown gravy on rolls?

We have to clear some cobwebs from the 2Man studio right now. Bear with us while we get back into full blog form. Until then enjoy some sick passes in this clip from Rock 'Em Sock 'Em 15. If you are a Jason Arnott fan make room in your work slacks for a future erection.

- Nemmy

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