Jumat, 31 Juli 2009

Memoirs of a hockey child growing up

The thumb there in the lower right hand corner is none other than that of big Black Tate himself. Big Black Tate is my father for those wondering. The nickname has its roots embedded in Lorenz Tate and Bill Guerin rooted from Lawrence which his friends called him on family vacations which became Lorenz from my liking of Lorenz Tates' name. His name is Larry.

He and my mother are up in Lake Placid with young brother Jacob at Can Am hockey camp. Great time up there. I had many a week during the summers up there with friends learning how to play the game. Up in Lake Placid if you have not been, it is very woodsy, hikey and swimmy during the summer. So naturally my parents were on a walk of some sort when he shot this, but he sent this to me yesterday as I returned froma ridiculous 15 mile bike ride with Ramon down the Jones Beach Causeway. Ramon couldn't figure out why I could bike so long and so fast especially mashed up. Feed me canneloni at lunch and throw a dance/techno song or Phil Collins on and I'm under 3 minute mile pace for a good stretch. Wind in my face...gotta a big ego...you could back it up. That Kanye Beyonce song is in my head and its seeping out in random thoughts here and there throughout the day.


I know its not embedded because embedding was disabled but this scene is just 10 big ones....all the way thru too. By all the actors even well closed by Paul Rudd.

Lake Placid was Ben & Jerry's on main street. Late nights ordering big foot Pizza from Pizza Hut at the Ramada Inn. Weird rope climbing team trust exercises up in the appalachian dry land course. Playing hockey everyday with kids you didn't like except for the few friends you had up there with you. The Brick Township kids that looked ridiculous in their green equipment but they were tough as nails. Touring the Northwoods prep school in the middle of nowhere. Roller hockey in the track next to the main rink in the hot sun. Getting in shape!

Lake Placid at night. My folks out to dinner. My dad said I had to get up there with Amber at some point and soak it in. They took young Jacob out tubing with Larry driving the speed boat and Jake said he caught a wave hard off the break of another boat and went flying across the lake. Ahh, good times.

Placid is truly in my history with the Zimmerman family, the most serene and peaceful time as parents that they have together. No fighting, no loitering just hockey and the great outdoors.

Have a healthy weekend people. Swim and drink as much as you can. And next time your buddy at work says he wants to end the hearts game that he started early because he wants to go trade on a friday afternoon, to lose money when nothing is going on...slap him across the face and give him a cookie.

- Barbone

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