Rabu, 08 Juli 2009

Boring Summer Work Day

I spent the better part of this morning clicking "random article" on Wikipedia and counting how many clicks it took before something that had to do with hockey came up.

At click 121 I got the page for Eric Brewer but it was the scientist Eric Brewer and not the old Islander defenseman.

Finally after roughly 848 clicks (I was keeping tabs by making a mark on a pad after 10 clicks, not an exact science) I got to Dan Bain's page. Per Wiki:

Donald Henderson "Dan" Bain (February 14, 1874 – August 15, 1962) was a Canadian athlete and merchant. He won two Stanley Cup titles playing with the Winnipeg Victorias in 1896 and 1901.
We had a friend in college named Victoria. She used to work at the Roll-N-Roaster (where the Village Pourhouse is on 3rd ave).

Dan (short for Donald?) is in the Hockey Hall of Fame. He also had some sick Brad McGann wolfhair.

Fantastic. Can someone explain to me what is going on with the Blackhawks?
- Nemmy

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