Jumat, 24 Juli 2009

Friday - We've Made It!

Friday, finally. Pat yourselves on the back for slumming through another week in the summer.

In Scotty's post yesterday we were discussing some of the hi jinks we used to get into way back in our college hockey playing days. This story that I ripped from Deadspin and the Grand Forks Herald fits the theme.

Two UND players cited
Finley, Frattin face disorderly conduct charges A former UND hockey player and a current one were arrested about 3 a.m. Tuesday after a campus officer saw the men throwing cups, plates, a kitchen table and a lawnmower onto a Grand Forks street, UND Police Lt. Dan Lund said.

To summarize:
Two college hockey buds (one former, one current) got all lubed up and sat on the roof of one of the guy's houses and tossed their stuff out the window. One kid gave a fake credit card as his ID to the cops. One of the guys, Joe Finley, was a first-round draft pick of the Caps in 2005. He went to the development camp earlier this month and is the coolest guy on the planet.

To be fair, there is nothing better to do in that town than get wasted and destroy your own stuff.

I'm in the mood for some street hockey. Have a great weekend.

- Nemmy

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