Senin, 27 Juli 2009

Monday's Weekend Wrap-Up

Way to try to ruin my weekend, Bruins. Why trade Aaron Ward and dump his salary to acquire a more expensive and less talented dman in Derrick Morris? I thought the Bruins would use those savings to re-up Phil Kessel. I was wrong. Ward was a beast for Boston. He ate minutes, walked tall with Chara and was one of the premier locker room guys in the league. He was solid and will be missed.

Can the players vote on an All Locker Room team? Like an all-star team if the guys never had to leave the dressing room. Wouldn't a stat like "has made 6 appearances in the All Locker Room Team in his 8 year career" mean more than a Lady Byng? Have I ever brought this up before? I feel like this is a whole 'nother post in the making if I haven't written about this already. Good locker room guys are so needfull.

Anyways the Bruins have used this offseason to get worse while while the rest of the division (except Ottawa) has improved. Great.

The only good thing that came from this move was the fact that Peter Chiarelli moved Ward back to Carolina where his family lives. Solid move. I just hope he doesn't get knocked out during his first practice.

I'm holding out hope that Chiarelli has something bigger up his sleeve.

How was your weekend? I watched Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever about 4 times. It's the worst movie ever made but I can't stop OnDemanding it. There's a show I really like on Discovery called Build it Bigger. Great stuff but I can't decide if I like the host or not. He seems to play up his geekiness too much. Also I'm sneaky upset about Vernon Forrest getting killed. What is wrong with people?

Anything going on this week? Did you close this blog as soon as you saw the dopey picture up top?

How does this sound:
Havlat finishes the season with 63.5 games played.


- Nemmy

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