Kamis, 23 Juli 2009


Can someone please tell me what is happening with the Islanders. Is Dipietro not playing anymore in the league. Is he seriously anticipated to miss an entire season again? Is that for real that they are hedging with Biron and Roloson. Why do we need both? They are both middle of the pack decent goaltenders...they won't be decent on the Isles as the Isles will contnue to struggle for another few years until the rebuilding is done but why would they need both? Is Biron really going to possibly play THAT much better than Rolly or vice-versa? Really? Cmon now...there is something seriously messed up going on over there. We needed two more Serious forwards this year like a Tanguay and a Gaborik. Roloson..yea ah ok we could use him because of the insecurity of DP but Biron too. I just don't understand. I'm confused and a little frustrated now.

Well the 2man is meeting with friend/former producer of ours in a way with the Islanders out in Long Island later to discuss the future. I'm sure the goalie conversation will come up and I will simply order another Margarita. Jeff Wechsler has his own squad in our men's league now and our team managed to lose to a joke team this week as me Nemy and Mike Martin sat out. Artem still believes the team is spicy but they still lost. I'm so confused in general.

- Barbone

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