Rabu, 01 Juli 2009

Mike Knuble

Mike Knuble is the man. Ask me what the first words that come to mind when you mention his name. My answer: Solid American, Reliable, Always in position. As a Bruins fans I watched Mr. Knuble develop into a steady right winger and was bummed when he signed with Philly. I broke the news that he signed with DC to my buddy and Philly fan, Matthew. The news stung. Knuble is the man, he's never out of position, every team should have a guy like this.

Matthew and I spent a good part of the afternoon trading emails about the man. We wondered if he was always in such great position off the ice as well. I picture Mike at a bar in close proximity to both the john and bartender. He's got the spot where girls have to walk by him when going to the bathroom but is still far enough away where when they run back into Mike they aren't still thinking about the color of their pee. You are the guy getting bumped into by barbacks and reaching over 4 frat guys to pick up your Bud Light Lime. Nice drink, guy.

Mike Knuble is the guy that after pulling into his driveway takes 30 seconds to stand at the foot of the crease of his kid's ball hockey net. If he were painted in The Last Supper he would be to the right of Jesus in front of a plate of chicken wings and the biggest bottle of wine. The only think about him out of position is the consonants in his last name.

Mike Knuble: Solid American, Reliable, Always in position.

Best of luck in DC.

- Nemmy

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