Selasa, 21 Juli 2009

Tuesday Value

Good value
Leslie Mann - Sneaky older broad. Doesn't have overpowering stuff but is still getting by with a Jamie Moyer fastball. She's married to that guy who makes all those movies. Doesn't have to be the knockout star in any film. Just fits that nice sneaky old chick niche. Some nice value.

Great Value
Here two RFAs signing in the last week. Both young defensemen with upside. Nice value on both with better relative value for Matty Hunwick.

Jack Johnson - LAK, 22 years old, $2.85MM/2 years
Matt Hunwick - BOS, 24 years old, $2.90MM/2 years

Locking guys in for 2 years on the cheap side right now and pushing off their breakout contracts is always solid.

No Value
(Tie) Doink the Clown and the 10-Day forecast for NYC.

Almost over this week's hump. Hang in there.

- Nemmy

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