Selasa, 15 September 2009

What you missed last night: Preseason version

Canucks beat the Islanders, 2-1: So last night after watching Roger Federers dissapointing wife, and then going to the gym and then watching some MNF, I finally could watch the Islanders first pre-season game. It was west coast in some super small west-coast canadian city.
As expected, it wasn't the most skilled of games and there were a few scraps.

Guys who stood out:

Corey Schnieder - the former goalie of the future for the Canucks who is now trade bait impressed in his half of play. The Islanders peppered him and he pitched the half-shut out with some great saves

Jeremy Reich - the guy wants to be the Islanders tough guy and he had 3 fights last night. He probably went 1-1-1. With the tinyness and youngness of the Islanders, he should probably get used to dropping the gloves often.

Sergei Shirokov - he had both Canuck goals. Both were off rebounds. Its nice to see a young russain go to the net hard.

Jon Sim - he scored the Isles goal with a sweet backhand in front. He also finished every hit and leads by example for the young guys.

Guys who stood out but for the wrong reason:

Andy Sutton - he's the worst big man fighter I've ever seen. When clearing out the front of the net or putting a shot on at the point he's stellar. He dropped the gloves with 5'11'' Rick Rypien and got dropped. Sutton is 6'7''

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