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Crib Notes - Nashville Predators

Nashville Predators
Finished 5th in the Central. Did not make the playoffs
Almost didn't sign any free agents despite trying to grab Phil Kessel from Boston.
Resigned forwards Steve Sullivan and Joel Ward.
Bar the doors - Forwards Scott Nichol, Ville Koistinen, Radek Bonk and Ds Greg DeVries and Greg Zanon jumped ship.

Questions going into 2009-2010:
How do you go through an entire offseason with addressing any of your team's needs through free agency?

Poised for another comeback season:
If Steve Sullivan can play at least 80 games he will be dangerous. It would be in Nashville's best interest if David Legwand steps way up as well.

One of the biggest mistakes in recent jersey memory:
This logo and color and flashy stripes makes me want to vomit in my diarrhea. I'd buy a unitard made of Serena Williams tampons before buying this thing.

Fantasy pickup that I was completely wrong about.:
I owe Scotty an apology. I goofed on him after he picked up Pekka Rinne last season after a strong start the night before and said that he'd drop him in 2 days. Rinne is beast. I was wrong. Sorry, Scotty.

Old guys:
Steve Sullivan is 35
Jason Arnott is 34

Young guys:
2008 draft pick Colin Wilson is 19 and has a good shot of making the club

Tough guys:
Wade Belak is one of the coolest guys on the planet. After watching this guy play hockey and do interviews I wouldn't be surprised if the amount of children named "Wade" jumped by 1000% in Tennessee.

Favorite old school Predator:
The Barbary Lion

In the 2003 draft the Predators picked Ryan Suter (awesome) in the first then went miss, Kevin Klein (ok) and hit a homer with Shea Weber. Nice first 4 rounds.

Jersey that I'm buying Bressler for Hanukkah:
In all seriousness this uni is sick. I'm not freaking out about the cartoon cat because it reminds me of my Thundercats toys but the color and original Vans striping make me want to be a Predator fan.

Notice it doesn't say "Preds" down the front. So strong.

Goaltending coach:
Per the company website: Mitch Korn is in his 12th season as the goaltending coach for the Nashville Predators. The Preds have been around for 12 seasons?

There's nothing like a few chubby girls shovelling ice

Even though the front office thought this team was good to go in the offseason that doesn't mean the Predators Dancers didn't retool. The girl in the ugly Predators yellow = 1,000

NHL 94 players:
I guess Jason Arnott didn't make the roster cut for the Oilers this season. Arnott lit it up for the Oilers his rookie year.

Prediction as delivered by your new prime-time comedy host, Jay Leno:
Jay Leno: Ladies and gentle the Predators are starting the season on October 3rd. Too bad most of the league will be preying on them.

Kevin Eubanks: Haw haw haw. Predators become pray. Allllright.

Love this video about instant karma at the hockey rink.

- Nemmy

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