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Crib Notes - Atlanta Thrashers

Atlanta Thrashers
Finished 4th in the Southeast. Did not make the playoffs
Added Pavel Kubina and Nik Antropov
Word is that Kik Zherdev is in talks with the team.
Many Legace is getting a shot at camp as well.

Questions going into 2009-2010:
The main question I have about the Thrashers is how far can Kovy take this team?
What happens to Kovalchuk's contract after this season?
Does he get traded? Resigned?
Who is the #1 goalie: Hedberg or Lehtonen? Does Manny Legace bounce back with the Thrashers?
How come Angelo Esposito - Pitt's 1st round pick in 2007 who came over with the Hossa trade - can't make this lineup?
Will Maxim Afinogenov make the team? Is there any upside here? Is it all upside now?

Poised for a breakout season:
I'm not sure the term breakout applies but Pavel Kubina will make this defense 400x better.

If you had to buy one Thrasher sweater:
I like the blue jerseys except for the fact that they are not symmetrical. The right sleeve craziness doesn't work for me. The colors are a little odd at first but it works with dark blue breezers and helmets. The dark red 3rd unis are garbage.

Player whose game you like:
I think Zach Bogosian is a defensive beast. In a few years when he fills into his frame and has a shitload of confidence he will be running things.

Ilya Kovalchuk:
When I lay in bed and dream about playing hockey I like to imagine that I have his snapshot.

Old guys:
Slava Kozlov is 37
Johan Hedberg is 36
Todd White is 34
This team is sneaky ripe

Young guys:
Zach Bogosian is 19
Last year's #4 overall draft pick Evander Kane is 18 and has a good shot of making the team

Tough guys:
Eric Boulton handles most of the heavy lifting.
Chris Thorburn scrapped last season.
Former Coyotes tough guy Josh Gratton could make the team.
Didn't Kovy complain in the past that this team gets pushed around too much?

Favorite old school Thrasher:
Is there one? My favorite Atlanta Flame is Bill Clement.

Goaltending coach:
Steve Weeks

The Thrashers first ever draft pick was Pat Stefan who blew that famous empty netter.

According to Wikipedia: The Atlanta Flames name originated from the burning of Atlanta led by U.S. Army general William Sherman during the American Civil War.
Why would you name a team after something like that? Could you imagine the San Fran Quakes? The New York 9/11s?

NHL 94 players:
Since the Thrashers came into our lives post 1994 here's a question: Would you have sex with Kate Gosselin?

Kovy gets resigned after mgmt. promises to get a new netmindef next season.


- Nemmy

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