Jumat, 18 September 2009

Everybody just relax!

Take a look at this hit:

Legal hit, lofty hit. Unfortunately Kyle Okposo left the game on a stretcher and has been diagnosed with a concussion.

This is hockey, these hits happen. Don't try to slow it down and look to see if Dion left his feet (probably, but after contact) or led with his elbow (Okposo was stumbling downwards). Its a hockey hit. Is it kind of stupid that this happens in preseason? Yea, but Dion had an awful year last year and probably needs a confidence booster. So I guess the preseason big hit is kind of the equivalent of taking the fat chick home from the bar the week before a big wedding weekend. You don't want to do it, but in you need to in order get ready for the real deal.

Hopefully Kyle will be AOK, and that will be that. If the NHL got serious about "headshots" then this might be a different post, but its not. Lets get ready for the real season to start!

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