Kamis, 10 September 2009

All the way from Sty Town

So I went to play in Stuyvesant town last night for an hour. Great little 4 on 4 no goalie/puck/small net game. Nice guys and overall a great little week night skate. One of the 2 man's fellow defensemen Alex Kalaf showed up. Alex brings a good amount of scrape and scrap to a roller game or any hockey game for that matter. It's not that he is out to hurt you but he is out there to prevent you from moving around him with the puck. If you put the puck past him, he'll find a way to bring you down or separate you from the puck whether it be by legal or illegal means. Any respective bruiser d-man should and would do the same things. Sometimes he gets carried away but hey...what would life be if we never went over the line. Last night I was coming down on him and another old friend of mine on the left wing. I cut to the middle with the puck and Kalaf went to poke check me and his blade as often happens in roller took out my wheels and I went rolling to the floor.

Now here is the interesting part of the story. What usually happens in a situation like this is the biggest raspberry scrape on your knees or elbows or forearms. But I finalized the move last night. The golden roller parachute out of that situation. The thing is, you can't avoid spills and scrapes in roller it's part of the game. I slid out and I'm wearing a t-shirt WITH sleeves if you can believe it and shorts so I am open to attack of the raspberry. I moved my skates so the toes of my feet were on the ground, my gloves went down in a push up position to absorb the downward falling pressure and I slipped into a tuck and roll. It was sick and I was immediately in the back-check ahead of Kalaf. Really it was amazing and Nemy and Artem would have been on the floor laughing. It was soo much fun as I rolled out of this potential disaster. Not even a mark! Just roll with it folks. If you fight it, you'll get burned.

Thanks to W's for this Michal Barzus pic

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