Senin, 19 April 2010

Stay Tuned Sports Fans

An exciting last few nights in the hockey world no?

That Caps Canadiens Game - 1000

Even the LA - Canucks game got interesting.

And while that was going on, the Met Game went to 20 innings. Thank God they won because if they didn't....oh boy. That game just kept going. Bress and I were scrolling thru hockey and that game and everytime we turned on the Met game it seemed that they would lose and sure enough they avoided every possible scary situation. Even when Lopez came in for the Cardinals, yes the short-stop and we couldn't even touch him....I started losing a little confidence...well I never had it in the first place with the way the Mets have been playing but you know what I'm saying.

Anyway back to hockey and some thoughts.

Some of the old bearded boys of USA Hockey are hanging it up. Keith Tkachuk. I really loved that guy...don't completely understand why I did over the years...maybe it was some unconscious fantasy love I had for him...but I did really enjoy the Guerin, Modano, Tkachuk line in the olympics in Italy even though they didn't do much. Tkachuk always did the needful...excapt when he came to camp way over weight a few years back. He was just that type of cool player I always wanted to be. Strong, skilled and cool.

This goal when it went off his head and in...pretty much sums up his entire career.

And than there's Mikey Mo's story book ending to his last home game...I think it will be but I guess he could be back for one more. I'd leave on that note but regardless of the's hard to hand up those tacks when it's all you know. Skating around in the Stars jerz up in Minnesota and the very last game of the season. Here's the Mo video if you missed his last home game. This isn't the 10 minute video I was looking for but it'll give you something up of the night.

This video will show Mikey scoring late in the game for the tie. Watch Steve Eminger he advocates for a goal review as the Ducks nor the Stars were moving on into the playoffs...Mikey closes his career and Eminger instead of being honored to be on the ice for that...tries to stay full competition and idiot. Way to be Stevey.

I saw Doug Weight yesterday. The man still looks together even with a sling on him.

- Scotty

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