Senin, 26 April 2010

Weekend Wrap Up OR Can we please have some game 7s on Wednesday

Seriously, all the games friday were mostly disappointing. I'm glad series got extended, but there was nothing really of the high-light reel variety going on.

Saturday, though had some greatness:

First, there was the ridiculousness of the Hawks/Preds game:

Watch the whole replay. Why does Martin Erat make a blind pass to the slot. Why is there is only one Predator d-man in front for 2 hawks when the Preds have an extra man? That was gross

Later that night the Penguins had a "I don't care if Fleury is playing badly, we're gonna win" comeback.

and then to win the game Staal did his best Crosby impression and fed the puck to Dupuis who really quick-released a great shot:

Even later that night the Avalanche lost the game and series. I hope everyone now forgets the Dan Boyle own goal. Just look at this:

Coyotes/Wings are going to 7, unfortunately, the Kings are not.

What'd I miss?


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