Selasa, 13 April 2010

First Round Contest

The dust has settled and it's time to make your playoff picks.

Scotty will buy the winner of the first round a boilermaker at the Tavern.
Person who picks the first round 100% correctly gets a picture of my Ovechkin bobblehead and a personal congratulatory call from Bress.
If anyone picks the first round 100% incorrectly you will have to jump in net for our next ball hockey game.

Pens in 5
Bruins in 7
Devils in 6
Caps in 6

Sharks in 6
Red Wings in 7
Kings in 7
Hawks in 7

Caps in 5
I want the Bruins, Nem but Buff is uber sneaks - Buff in 6
NJ in 6
Pitt in 6

Det in 6
Van in 4
Chi in 5
SJ in 7

Caps in 5
Devils in 7
Bruins in 7
Pens in 4

Sharks in 6
BHawks in 6
Canucks in 5
Coyotes in 7

Best of Luck!

- t2MA staff

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