Rabu, 28 April 2010

Game 7 Notes

There's really nothing like playoff hockey. Game 7s in particular are unmatched in sports.
If you are into power rankings here is how any Game 7 stacks up in awesomeness:

1) Game 7
2) Dennis "the Snake" Chalker
3) natural breasts
4) military flyovers
5) the time Matty Weindel hit Artem in the chest with a puck during practice from across the rink

But if you are reading this blog you already know this stuff.

Here's a few points that would be beaten to death over the course of 2 weeks if this game were the Super Bowl and hockey was shown on network television:

5 keys to success for Montreal:
1) Halak - I read somewhere that Halak is 8-0 when facing more than 45 shots. He needs to be great because he might see 60 tonight.
2) Salt - Montreal needs to play sticky D on Ovy and Backstrom. They need to keep pounding Green and the Caps D. And Lapierre needs to keep being a dick.
3) Cammalieri - Needs to be huge again. Gionta and Gomez need to come up big.
4) Crowd - I don't know how it happens but there's always a "way too large for how far away Montreal is" sized contingent of Canadiens fans in NHL arenas. A small group of Montreal fans can really suck the fun out of a loud, red building if things aren't going well for the Caps.
5) Crazy Habs fans - If they lose they riot and if they win they have gay sex. I just wanted to mention that.

5 keys to success for DC:
1) Offense - Ovy needs to keep ripping. Backstrom needs to keep ripping.
2) Traffic - Knuble and Laich need to own the top of Halak's crease.
3) Show up - Semin, Green and Fleischman need to contribute.
4) Defense - Poti is done so someone like Alzner or Morrisonn needs to step up and get a good soak
5) Heals - needs to tune into the game and ignore Rain Man on TBS like what happened during Game 6.

If Montreal wins they play Pittsburgh and Boston and Philly will face each other.
If DC wins they play Philly and Pittsburgh and Boston will face each other.

The other conference is set with San Jose facing Detroit while Vancouver and Chicago get a rematch

Even though I dislike the Montreal Canadiens I need to root for them. I'll be cheering with my brain and not my heart. I am a Bruins fan and the the Penguins look like world beaters again.

Also, since my live blogging of the Boston/Buffalo Game 6 was such a runaway success, I have decided to spend the Montreal/DC Game 7 at the Tavern with Bressler miles from a laptop. You're welcome.

Also the game tonight has no outcome on our Round 1 contest. Me and Bress tied for the win with 2 perfect series picks. Everyone else had just 1. Scotty owes us boilermakers. Wooo hoo.

Leave it all out there tonight.

- Nemmy

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