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Bruins/Sabres Game 6 Live Blog

So I've never live blogged anything before. I've already had a misspelling on the tweet I sent out announcing this so we're already effed.

This is Game 6 but for all intents and purposes it's a Game 7 for Boston. If they can't win at home and let Buffalo with Vanek win in their barn and go back home on a streak they'll be golfing Thursday morning.

I have the NHL Center Ice feed for tonight as Versus is showing the Montreal/DC game. I have Jack Edwards and Brick and a Tony's plate from Eva's in front of me.

Reminder: No Savvy tonight. Cooke is still a cocksucker.

Vanek is in for the Sabres after missing the last 3 games with a "lower body injury". His ankle has more tape on it than Lex Steele so maybe they should just say "ankle injury" going forward.

Anthem time. Idiots in the mardi gras masks should still take off their hats.

Miller vs Rask has been the best showdown of the first round. It might have something to do with how bad both teams are offensively.

Claude versus Lindy sounds like in-fighting between 2 guys in a barbershop quartet.

Good pace to start the game. Tyler Ennis has turned into Mike Bossy in this series out of nowhere. He gets a decent scoring chance early on.

As soon as Vanek hits the ice the Bs take a cross checking penalty. Begin sits.

Patty Berg with a great read on the kill and tries a spin move 1 on 1. The German picks up the loose puck and rings the post. Crowd is going apeshit. What a start.

Bs kill is so aggressive. Hard to believe Paille was bad enough to get dumped to Boston earlier this season. He gives me a PJ Axelsson warm fuzzy on the PK.

So far we've picked up right where we left off at the end of Game 5. A couple of pig piles and people hanging off of Chara. Tonight will be fun.

BTW I spent whatever amount on the NHL Center Ice package and I can't see this game in HD. So weak.

I have no idea if I'm doing this live-blog correctly. We'll find out tomorrow I guess.

First commercial break and I'm sweating more than Shawn Thronton.

Satan gets into Myers's grill for a little. We used to call him the softest player in the league but now I'm not so sure. Myers is 8 ft tall that took some balls. Kessel would have ran away.

Bruins shooting from all angles. Love the desperation. This is Game 7 let's have a sense of urgency.

Satan with another body hit. Guys are fired up!

Bruins finally discovered that some of their better skating Dmen should be pinching when they can. Changes everything when they can keep pressure.

9:55 left and Kaleta just stuck Rask. Still 0-0 and my Tony's plate was gone 4 minutes ago.

Lucic highlights show him getting out of the corner and firing a shot on net. That's his game. His game is also throwing the puck blindly into bad spots. He needs to be more consistent.

Rask is shining. Bruins are sloppy and if Jack Edwards was watching me devour that Tony's plate he'd be screaming the preamble to the Constitution by now.

Almost want Wideman to take a penalty so the Bs can generate some offense.

Spoke too soon. Sabres get called for interference. PP time.

Johhny Boychuk (with the best name in all sports) with a one-time blast into Miller. This guys is making the Bs wish they didn't pay Ferrence all that money.

SICK SICK SICK redirect by Krejci!!! 1-0 good guys!!

Recchi basically scored off of David's blade. What a Savvy-esque setup. I'm shocked Boston scored first.

BTW Scotty and I just got back from a buddy's bachelor party weekend. He was listed earlier today with a "total body injury". 3 days 4 nights is too much for a sustained bachelor party.

And the group of guys we were with partied just like the Bruins played this season: at all times I was equally impressed, disgusted and amused by what I was seeing.

5 mins to go Bruins outshooting the Sabres 10-9. Make it 10-10 with lots of after-whistle salt.

Kaleta is such a cunt. He's driving me crazy.

Lindy Ruff has the pissed-off Dennis the Menace look down pat. Kaleta still a cunt.

Ice needs repairs.

If Kaleta was at this weekend's bachelor party he'd be the guy that ate out a stripper.

Lucic is being very measty on the Krejci line. Wheeler is involved too. Good strong pace with 2:04 left before I can put down this laptop that's burning a hole in my penis.

Sneaky good to see Nate Gerbe on the ice for Buffalo. That's a win for little guys like me.

Some end to end action with blasts from Myers and a chance by Sturm on the other end. 27.5 to go.

Tallinder knocks the puck over the glass for a delay call. Bruins will finish up the 1st up a man and start the meat of the PP with clean ice. Things are really going strong.

Great salt at the end of the first with Lucic and Montador in each others face. Looks like Lucic got a little too aggressive with dickhead Gaustad and took a minor.

I'm done here and I'm almost out of battery. This laptop sucks power and heats up my crotch to the point that we can freebase off my genitals.

1-0 Bruins with the Bs looking a little hungrier than the Sabres. Kathryn Tappen is wearing a smart blue blazer thing and I need to go to the bathroom. I'll keep some commenting up on Twitter (t2ma). Should I be happy that Pat Kaleta was just added to my fiance's hate fuck list? Not sure at this point.

Sorry for the typos. Enjoy the rest of the game.

- Nemmy

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