Kamis, 10 Juni 2010

What you missed last night because you got head faked.

Like I said on twitter last night, everyone at the bar was either a Flyers fan (unlikely) or rooting for a game 7 (more likely). Nemmy said that when the Flyers tied it up there was no way the Hawks would win the game. He didn't count on Kane's mullet shake distracting Kimo and giving him enough space to beat Leighton.

Soft goal? Maybe. Its a quick shot thats probably harder to stop. Ask Ryan Miller.

Some final thoughts on game 7 and the series in general:

  • Did Pronger get dirtier or did the refereeing become stricter as the series went on?
  • Briere and Hartnell were the only Flyers to show up after game 4
  • Matt Carle got walked by Hossa with like 2 minutes left in the 3rd. Leighton got his chest in the way of the puck.
  • Does Niemi catch pucks in the weirdest way possible?
I wish this went to game 7. Now I have to go to a karaoke birthday party on Friday. Thanks a lot Kane!

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