Senin, 28 Juni 2010

So Bob McKenzie tried to ruin my weekend

Bob tweeted that the Bruins are looking to dish Marc Savard to Toronto in order to free up salary. Savard's makes $4MM against the cap. Great value right? I realize that the Bruins have too many centers and no cap space but can it really be that bad? Shoot Michael Ryder in the foot and wipe out his $4MM cap hit.

And until the Bruins make a terrible mistake and deal Savard for nothing please don't fuck with my emotions, Bob McKenzie.

Congrats if you were drafted this weekend. If we are still doing this blog in 5 years(let's hope not) we'll revisit the picks and find out who really won. Until then we can all be proud how many Americans were picked.

Instead of letting Bob McKenzie drain my bucket let's be happy. While this video is about last week's soccer game it's really worth seeing.

There's nothing like twisting and turning an entire game and then in one moment being lifted off your feet. Landon Donovan with a very Parise like finish. Magic.

Soccer isn't my favorite sport in the world but anything that gets a crowd of people ripping into a USA chant is fine by me.

Hold onto your seats for July 1st.

- Nemmy

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