Rabu, 16 Juni 2010

What went wrong: Montreal Canadiens

Since Nemmy no longer owns a home computer he's outsourced his blogging duties.

Today's guest blogger is Nemmy's offshore associate, Chandrashekar.

Greetings, blogosphere. While ice hockey is not much popular sport in Bangalore as in the United States, I have such been tasked with defining the causes for the Canadiens of Montreal losing the conference final. I was told to add this query to the list of deliverables ahead of today's news update, earnings calendar updation, industry data, financial spread updation, forecast models, global comp, covenant matrix, covenant analysis, new issue monitor, loan database, ratings updatation, call schedule updatation, and sensitivity analysis / estimation equation as this was most needfull.

For the Canadiens to advance through the Flyers it was requisite that both Mike Cammalleri and Jaroslav Halak perform to the best of each abilities, of which did not occur. It is a possibility that the Canadiens were fatigued from besting the more-skilled Washington Capitals in the opening stanza and the Pittsburgh Penguins in the sequential round. The Canadiens emerged victorious from the forementioned rounds despite being seeded lower. The Flyers managed to conquer Jaroslav Halak and maintain the attack from Montreal's premier scoring line. It is our belief that the physicality and ruggedness of the Flyers was central in repelling the Montreal. Had Canadien's leading defenseman, Andrei Markov been of sound health one could imagine that his high play would have aided his teammates.

It is our belief that Canadiens would be well to have more physical players in its roster next season in order to more better compete with ruggish teams such as the Flyers. This and trade Carey Price for an order of Jhinga Bagharela.

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