Senin, 07 Juni 2010

Weekend Wrap Up OR Q just used a video game to change his lines

So I was in Philly Friday night to watch game 4. Did you follow along on twitter?

Heres a picture of me with John Bucigross:He's a really friendly guy and we talked about how sick of a pass Timonen made on this play:

I also met Pierre Maguire and one of the blondes from Versus.

It was crazy to read the next day how out of the series everyone assumed Chicago was (seems even crazier now), but Philly just capitalized on mistakes while Chicago dominated but didn't score. Richards' goal might be my favorite of the play-offs:

Anyway, we all know what happened last night. Joe Quenville put together a sniper, grinder, and passer on each of the top 3 lines. Surprise Surprise it worked. The real surprise was how much it destroyed ex-Conn Smythe candidate, Chris Pronger.
There weren't many pretty goals, unless you count Timonen just barely decapitating Harntell, until this PP goal

I know we all loved this hit, but thats interference, right?

Tell me what I missed


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