Jumat, 21 Mei 2010

Montreal 5, Philly 1

Montreal won at home and finally beat Leighton. Thankfully, no one was killed in the post game celebration.

Tom Pyatt and Dominic Moore each had a goal and assist. I can never remember those guys' first names.

The 2Man is very excited to have day games this weekend and Pearl Jam at MSG tonight. Although the day games put a wrench in our plans to play Tony ball we will make it up by licking Kathryn Bigelow's furry post-menopausal face. Things are starting to make sense again.

Here's a quick primer on how to kick down a door:

1) Make sure you are wearing something cool. Whoever is inside the room needs to see you looking sweet right before you rush in.

2) Pick a door that can be kicked open. Don't mess around with metal doors or anything too thick.

3) Stand sideways with your power leg closest to the door. Give a side kick to the area right under the door knob. If you are super badass face the door and muay thai jab kick the door into 1,000 pieces.

4)Say something really sweet like "Morgan Freeman says sup" or something better right after you boot the door and rush into the room.

- Nemmy

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