Jumat, 07 Mei 2010

Ian Laperriere

When I watched the replay of Ian Laperriere taking a puck off his face in Game 5 of the first round against NJ I laughed a little. Here was a guy getting ripped right in the face by a puck and he gets up to his feet and tried to make it to the bench. Did he not realize that he just got a slapshot to the eye? If that shot hit any other NHLer his teammates would look like Jackie O picking pieces of skull off the back of a convertible. Ian Laperriere would be playing in the series but when checking for a concussion apparently the medical staff found some brain bruising. Brain bruising. He was willing to play through brain bruising. What an animal.

Boston is up 3-0 in the series with Philly. Barring a historic comeback it looks as though they will advance. If the Flyers still had Laperriere in their lineup there's no way the series is 3-0.

What an animal.

- Nemmy

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