Selasa, 07 September 2010

NHL 11

So the new season is almost here and the new video game as well. I pretty much only play the hockey games on xbox at this point and have gotten scary good. I said that I would attempt to contact the EA Sports know like their question, comment, feedback thing which I'm sure they have about some new ideas for the upcoming games. Obviosuly I didn't because I'm lazy however I'd like to list the additions and deletions as I see them. Maybe I'll get these in for 2012 game.

They apparently have altered the faceoff system which is solid. Meaning instead of the pull it back only situation, you can now push and pull the opposing center and have a forward come in on your team or you can actually go for the shot off the faceoff in the offensive zone which will be cool. Move OVY to the center in a clutch sitch and have him just rip off the faceoff. I like this.
Apparently there was a huge push for broken stick effect. WHAT! Stop it...this takes up graphic and memory space to make the game work properly. Yes it makes the game more realistic but its not realistic its video games so can we please do something else and stop wasting valuable space on this stupidity.

They added dekes and the Brad McGann texas two step hop over opponents that have fallen or you just want to do the Texas Mac Two Step around an opponent. They have added more moves like the Bure to the skate and such and other things which is solid.
The thing I like the most is apparently they have stretched out the amount and type of hits that occur. Meaning you wont see the same type of hit very often. Different body reactionary movements from the hits. I love this. Because I love turning up the aggression meter and the hitting difficulty down and just re-writing history with Zdeno Chara.
Overall it looks to be sexy but here is what I wanted to submit to the gaming programmers.
In the opening menu there are game modes like international tourney, season, playoff...whatever. I thought you could create a mode like pro-beach roller hockey with the ramps behind the net and your on the beach. Maybe you can use alumni like McSorley, Gretz, Mess whoever. And they use a ball so it bounced and does different stuff than puck mode does. Xbox hockey games used to do pond hockey which was sick along with mini games and such. Bring that shit back. Its video games....have the mode that resembles real hockey like every game has and than spin it up. And most importantly...enable gamers to be able to play with 2 on 2 or 3 on 3 or 4 on 4 in season mode or tourney mode. I always wanted to be able to play with like Washington and use Ovy Backstrom and Green and do a 3 on 3 tourney instead of 5 on 5. Or use Getsome, Perry and Niedermayer, no line changes and just have fun. Make the flip passes easy and high arcing so you can home run breakaways easily. And about the flip passes, 2 years ago you would flip a pass out of the zone and it cxould bounce in the neutral zone and than bounce over the opponents Defenseman's stick and you'd be off to the races. In 2010, it bounces in the neutral zone and the computer glitch intercepts it all the time. Don't make it all the time...its fun in video game world to homerun passes.

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