Rabu, 13 Oktober 2010


This was worth 2 games.

This was also worth 2 games.

I'm not going crazy that Niklas Hjalmarsson sits for 2 games for this hit. He jumped into a play and was a touch too aggressive. In my perfect world he would sit for a game.

When Scotty and I watched the Isles game and saw Wiz simulate a blowjob we both laughed. We also laughed when MSG showed clips of Avery simulating a handjob during a warmup spat with Konopka. We just figured it was part of the game that two guys were goofing on each other between whistles. Giving James Wisniewski 2 games seems silly to me. I get that he's a repeat offender now as he was suspended last season for nailing Brent Seabrook in the head. I get that saying "hey, blow me" and miming the act are different but 2 games for something pretty harmless in my opinion is crazy. Of course Avery was suspended 6 games for making a joke so we have seen outrageous suspensions for something not so outrageous before. Maybe my sense of humor is different from the league front office but I would only suspend Wiz 2 games if he actually blew a player on the ice.

- Nemmy

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