Selasa, 10 November 2009

Team USA vs Team Canada

Leonard and his thoughts on the capital markets:

During the Kings Hawks game last night me and Bress started going over the possible line combinations for both of these squads......interesting to say the least.

For the Americans...

Line 1
Kane Stastny Ryan

Line 2
Parise Gomer Gionta

Line 3
Cammalleri Kesler Kessel

Line 4
Brown Drury Langenbrunner

D 1
Suter Rafalski

Komisarek Liles

Wisniewski Martin

G - Miller - Thomas - Quick (Bress suggested Craig Anderson? If he keeps it up I guess so right?)

It's a solid squad and there are many other guys that could round the squad out at cut list time to make the best possible team Canada tree chopping menace around.

Team Canada

Line 1
Nash Crosby Iginla

Line 2
Getzlaf Thornton Heatley

Line 3
Lecavalier Staal Perry/Marleau

Line 4
Morrow Richards Doan (Maybe Jeff Carter is in there somewhere)

Bouwmeester Phaneuf

Pronger Green

Weber (Keith, Reghyr, Doughty, Burns, Niedermayer)

G - Fleury - Brodeur - Luongo

Wow! Wow!

Congratulations to Nemy for getting engaged by the way....the next few pics should describe the whole thing in synopsis.

Liz Miller - our old college manager with an Assault Rifle

You tell me right now...looking at me in the face that the big league chew cover character was not modeled after the Body's role as Blain from Predator.

It's not Nemy but right?

- Barbone

I wish you the best...forever and always kid.

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